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Ok here is a compilation of all the software and useful tools I’ve come across whilst writing. Some of them I’ve reviewed on here already, more coming soon. 

Got an idea? Well get planning! Here’s some useful outlining, brainstorming and mind- mapping software:

Just want to get writing? You want a word processor:

Making notes? Here you go:

Timelines giving you a headache? Try these:

Now perhaps you want to organise those notes. Got a lot of research? Character sheets? Images? Well here’s some tools to keep all that together:

Are you easily distracted? The following tools will keep you on track:

Even more productivity tools to help keep you focussed on your task:

So you’ve got something down? Need to edit? 

All done? Perhaps you’d like some e-publishing tools:

I’m feeling generous, have some more cool stuff:

Enjoy! I may update the list as I find more, or I’ll make a second list.


[[I had to ok I watched this dang movie four times already]]


Guys will never understand the joy of having your period a week before you travel.


Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later


Chris Evans’ classy ALS ice bucket challenge [donate]


The moment before with my best buds #teenchoiceawards #portra800 #analog


this pic is crucial

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Because I thought it would be very nice if Marvel heroes dance with baby Groot.

It’s a little bit like Bigfoot, you know. If you see abs on me you gotta take a picture otherwise people aren’t gonna believe you actually saw it.

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There is no greater Guardians/Parks & Rec gif mashup than this.

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does anyone in anime high school actually learn anything or do they just stare out the window and participate in clubs?


time to watch anime to fill the void in my life

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What did they do?!?